Xanax 2mg Bars: What Do The Different Colors Mean?

Colored Xanax Bars

Green Xanax Bar 2mg

There are several companies in the pharmaceutical industry that are producing green Xanax bars. Each company puts a unique identification imprint on the pill that indicates the strength of the drug as well. You may consult your health advisor as he/she will advise you from which company you’ll get the quality drug dose.

Xanax 2mg Bars: What Do The Different Colors Mean? 1

A Green Xanax bar is a pill that is similar in strength as to the white Xanax bar and yellow Xanax bar. Same is the case their effect, they all similarly affect your system. There is a change in color and imprint on the pill, which means that different firms manufacture the drug. All the Xanax bars are of 2mg strength, which is a high dose for the drug. It may be harmful to take a 2mg Xanax bar without taking advice from your health advisor. The drug is encrypted with S 90 3 on one side of the pill.

The tablet of a green Xanax bar is rectangular and is divided into three equal proportions. There are other shapes as well in which green Xanax is sold. You can consult your doctor for which dose of green Xanax will be appropriate for your health. Green Xanax bar is sold on the street by other names, such as – monster Xanax and hulk Xanax.

Apart from the bar shape of green Xanax, the drug is also available in oval, triangular, and round shapes that are available in 2mg to 3mg doses. When you go out on the street to buy green Xanax, it is popular by the name hulk Xanax, which is a slower version of the drug.

White Xanax Bar 2mg

Mostly all the pills of drugs that are sold in the market are white in color. It is the universal color of drugs that are manufactured by most of the pharmaceutical companies. As said above, green, white, and yellow Xanax bars are similar in effect. They are not identical, but the shape and strength of the tablet are the same.

Xanax 2mg Bars: What Do The Different Colors Mean? 2

A pill of white Xanax bar consists of 2mg drug that is divided into three equal parts. It further means that a 2mg white Xanax bar tablet can be broken down into four tablets. However, you are advised to ask your doctor before you break the tablet; it might affect your system due to the sudden flow of the drug. 

A 2mg tablet of Xanax is put under schedule IV of the Controlled Substance Act. The maximum medicine that can be consumed in a day is a 4mg dose of Alprazolam. Thus, the white Xanax bar, which is available in 2mg, is a higher dose, and so are the other bar tablets of Xanax (yellow and green). On the pill of a white Xanax bar, X ANA X is encrypted on one side, which bisects the tablet in 4 equal parts, and on the other side, 2 is encrypted that denotes the strength of the tablet. There are different manufacturers that put a unique imprint on a pill. 

There can be another name for the drug when a person goes to purchase a white Xanax bar from the street. These names are given as per the size, color, and shape of the drug. For example – a white Xanax bar is popular on the street by the name sticks. When you buy Xanax online, then there are no such names given to the drug. Sometimes the people who sell this drug on the streets are selling a fake quality of the drug. If a person is taking a white Xanax bar for a while now, he/she must not quit from the drug suddenly.       

Yellow Xanax Bar 2mg

A Yellow Xanax bar is often considered as a generic form of the drug which is commonly sold in the United States. It is a popularly purchased dose of Xanax that is prescribed to patients suffering from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks. The use of a yellow Xanax bar is the same as other forms of Xanax.

Xanax 2mg Bars: What Do The Different Colors Mean? 3

However, as we mentioned, it earlier yellow Xanax bar is the same in effect as white and green Xanax bars. It can also be said that a tablet of Xanax that comes in bar shape is of 2mg strengths. Xanax tablets of 2mg power are said to be a higher dosage that can be consumed by a patient of anxiety or panic attacks. 

On the street side, a yellow Xanax bar is also known by the name school bus. The reason for this is the shape of the drug is rectangular, and its color is yellow, which is also the uniqueness of the pill. R 039 is imprinted on the tablet and is bisected by three lines that divide the drug into four equal parts. Similar to as white and green Xanax bar, the yellow Xanax bar can also be broken down into four pieces that can be taken at four different times.

Breaking of the pill shall only be practiced if your doctor has advised you to do so. It is also observed that the price of a yellow Xanax bar is $4 per tablet and is even considered stronger than green and white Xanax bars.   

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