5 Myths And Facts About Adderall, You Need To Know

facts and myths about adderall

People who buy Adderall online may not know much about the drug and its usage. That’s the reason we suggest patients only to purchase the drug once they have the prescription of the medicine. There is an increase in the number of people abusing prescription drugs these days. Sometimes, people often confused Adderall myths with the facts that are true in the real sense. Below we have listed the common myths and facts that will ensure you about the right information of Adderall. 

Myths About Adderall 

Adderall helps in your academic performance

This is a common myth that is famous among the students going for academic studies. Children younger than the age of 18 are often found using Adderall to improve their focus on school work. Although it is right to a specific limit, still people who use this drug without a prescription are considered to be misusing it. Although Adderall is supposed to help a person in academics, the effect of the drug won’t last for long. Till the time you are taking Adderall, it will help you in keeping your focus on your work and academics. There are no reports of Adderall improving memory or skills of a person permanently. 

Adderall is useful in weight loss –

Adderall is a combinational drug that consists of Amphetamines. In and around the 1940s and 50s, amphetamines were highly prescribed for weight loss treatment. Later in the year 1970, when new rules were enacted, doctors were not allowed to prescribe Amphetamines for weight loss. With the use of Amphetamine, a person will be able to shed down a few kgs. But not in a healthy way. There may occur side effects like – nausea, diarrhea, or other health issues.

Adderall is used as a performer enhancer –

There are a number of substances that are reputed as a performance enhancer. People often take caffeine tablets and energy drinks to feel energized and more active. They do take Adderall to be one such substance that can provide energy. Adderall is put under the schedule II drug by the DEA. Putting it under such a category means that the drug has got a high potential of getting abused by people who are not in need of the drug. Other drugs that fall under this category are fentanyl, codeine, and opioid drugs. Hence, you cannot take Adderall in the same manner as you take caffeine or other energy drinks. 

Adderall consumption isn’t dangerous –

Patients who believe that Adderall is not a harmful drug, they need to take proper consultation from a health advisor. Taking Adderall without a prescription will be dangerous to the health of children as well as adults. Even when you take the dose of Adderall as per the directions of your health advisor, the drug still has the potential of harming your system if misused. People who do not require Adderall, i.e., their brain works perfectly normal, should not take this drug. However, if they take Adderall, the drug will trigger a euphoric feeling inside the mind. As a result of this, the person will become addictive to the use of Adderall in a quick time. 

Adderall drug is legal at all times –

As we know, the FDA has approved Adderall for ADHD condition, some people consider Adderall to be a legitimate medication at every point of time. The person who is prescribed the dosage of Adderall is only permitted to use the drug. Selling or giving away Adderall doses to others is illegal under the guidelines of the FDA. The dose of Adderall is only prescribed to a patient depending upon – his weight, age, symptoms, and severity of the condition. A dose of Adderall is only legal when a health expert prescribes it. Taking it for any other purpose, apart from ADHD treatment, is considered illegal. 

Facts About Adderall 

Adderall abuse is high in students –

We discussed this above as well, Adderall consumption is on the rise in school and college-going students. It is a fact that Adderall helps in improving skills and staying focused, but that refers to the abuse of the drug. There have been several reports that say Adderall use is on the rise, and that is alarming for the fact that it will cause health issues. 

Adderall is an addictive medication –

Adderall consists of Amphetamine salts in its formation that tend to be addictive. When a patient is recommended a dose of Adderall, he/she is given a prescription as per which a time limit is set. Taking the dose in large amounts or for a longer time will make you addicted to the use of it. Many people often continue taking the dose of Adderall due to the euphoric feeling it develops inside your brain. The feelings are so calming and relaxing that the person wants to feel it again. Hence, they keep on consuming the drug for no varied reason. 

Adderall is a legal drug for the treatment of ADHD – 

he main reason for which the pharmaceutical firms manufacture Adderall is to make it available for the patients dealing with ADHD. The use of Adderall for ADHD is only legal if you take the dose according to the prescription. 

Adderall causes health issues that can be long-term –

When you start with a dose of Adderall without taking legal permission from a health advisor, the possibility of side effects is more. This drug can cause severe psychological and physical issues if not taken in the right amount. There may be some side effects that can be effective for a long-time period. They are – depression, heart disease, weight loss or malnutrition, pain in muscles, memory retention issues, or so.

Adderall is a potentially lethal drug –

Just like all amphetamines, Adderall is a potent drug that affects the CNS (Central Nervous System). This may lead a person to side effects like – rapid heart rate, fluctuation in blood pressure, and a rise in body temperature. These risks are available since the first dose of Adderall. Though it is rare that severe side effects occur because a doctor will always prescribe you the dose that is suitable for your health. People who are at high risk are the ones that are diagnosed with heart problems and high blood pressure.

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