Adderall and Xanax: Is it safe to use them together?


Introduction – Adderall Vs Xanax

People who take Adderall must likely know that the drug is a stimulant. It is a type of medication that is often used to manage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It is comprised of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine. Using Adderall will help a person to pay attention and stay alert and concentrated at any task. Basically, Adderall helps you avoid hyperactive behaviors and impulse control. FDA has approved Adderall for using it to overcome narcolepsy disorder. Under this condition, the person tends to fall asleep in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

As you may know, Xanax is a benzodiazepine drug that is also widely famous in the United States for its medicinal properties. It is generally used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Doctors also prescribed Xanax to overcome the depression that may have occurred due to anxiety. The generic name for Xanax is Alprazolam that is much popular name among the patients who suffer from anxiety. The drug acts on the brain, and as its effect, it will make you feel more relaxed, calm, and sometimes also drowsy.

In order to use the above-mentioned drugs together, you need to do some research and gather the right information. We have stated a few points for your convenience.

What is Xanax?

People, when order Xanax online, get a prescription medication that is used for treating patients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders. Alprazolam is the active ingredient present in this medicine. Xanax belongs to the benzodiazepines family of drugs which act on the user’s central nervous system generating a calming effect. Xanax, when used, enhances the effect of certain natural substances present in the user’s body.

Before patients prescribed with this medication buy Xanax online, they should know the types of Xanax tablets being available in the market.

Types of Xanax-

Xanax is a medication available in different shapes, colors and strengths, whose effect varies depending upon the type and potency of the drug. Generally, Xanax comes in the form of bars or pills. Different types of Xanax have different doses that are available in varying colors. The different types of Xanax available in the market are:

  • Blue Xanax –
    These are 1mg oval or elliptical shaped blue colored tablets having 031 R inscribed.
  • White Xanax –
    These are White-colored rectangle-shaped Xanax bars having 2mg of active Alprazolam which could be imprinted with either G 372 2 or X ANA X 2. White Xanax is also available in oval, round, and triangular-shaped tablets whose strength varies from 0.25 to 2 mg.
  • Yellow Xanax –
    It is a generic form of Alprazolam available in both 1 and 2 mg tablets having 039 imprinted on it. Yellow Xanax bars are like the White Xanax bars in effect and are also known as Yellow school bus bars in the street.
  • Green Xanax –
    Several pharmaceutical companies manufacture this form of Xanax across the globe. Green Xanax bars have 2 or 3 mg of active Alprazolam and have a similar effect as the White and Yellow Xanax. The only difference between them is its appearance. It is available in oval, triangular, round, and rectangular-shaped tablets known as Green Football and Green Monster in the streets.
  • Peach Xanax –
    These are also known as Orange Xanax having a lower dose of Alprazolam usually available in oval or football-shaped tablets.  Peach Xanax contains 0.25 to 0.5 mg of the drug and generally has 257 imprinted. Orange Xanax could also be remembered as R029 bars which are manufactured by Pfizer and is a well-known pharmaceutical company.
  • Purple Xanax –
    It is a popular form of Xanax also manufactured by Pfizer. These are round or elongated tablets containing 1 mg of active Alprazolam having the name of drug and 1.0 imprinted on tablets.

What are the possible side effects of using Xanax bars?

Before people order Xanax online and start using Xanax without prescription, they should be aware of the severe side effects abusing it could have.

Xanax Side Effects

The serious side effects that could be seen in people who abuse this drug are:

  • Seizures
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Loss of coordination
  • Trouble in walking
  • Hallucinations
  • Slurred speech
  • Memory problems
  • Serious yellowing of eyes or skin
  • The decrease in the volume of urine
  • Clay-colored stool
  • Lightheadedness
  • Irregular heartbeats

Stop using the drug and reach to the doctor immediately if any of these severe side effects are visible.

Lack of appetite, drowsiness, slurred speech, unusual tiredness, dizziness, and increased saliva production are some common side effects that could be seen in people who start taking this medication. Patients witnessing any of these symptoms should inform the doctor if their condition worsens or persists for a long time.

What are the safety measures for using Xanax?

Now that we know the side effects using Xanax could have let us talk about the precautions to safely use this medication before buying Xanax online.

  • Xanax bars should not be used by a patient suffering from narrow-angle glaucoma or someone who uses Ketoconazole or Itraconazole.
  • Patients prescribed with Xanax need to inform their doctor if they are allergic to the drug, or other benzodiazepines, or have other allergies. Since inactive ingredients could be present in the drug, which could cause allergic reactions or other problems.
  • Pregnant ladies should not practice Xanax due to its potential to harm the unborn baby.
  • Taking Xanax could cause dizziness. Thus, people using this drug should avoid driving or doing work that requires attention.
  • Before using Xanax, the patients prescribed with this medication need to inform the doctor about their medical history. Especially if they are suffering from severe breathing problems, kidney disease, liver disease, or a substance abuse disorder.
  • Elderly patients should be extra careful while taking this drug as they are way more sensitive to its side effects, especially drowsiness and loss of coordination. These side effects increase their risk of falling.
  •  Alcoholic beverages should not be practiced while using Xanax for treatment.
  • Before undergoing a medical procedure, patients using this drug need to inform their doctor about all the products they use, including herbal products and prescription/non- prescription drugs.

Dosage of Xanax:

Xanax bars are tablets meant to be used orally in the way directed by the doctor. The dosage of Xanax varies for each patient depending upon their medical condition, age, and the response to treatment. However, the general dose of Xanax is 0.25 to 0.5mg used thrice daily. The dose could be gradually increased for achieving the maximum therapeutic effect at an interval of 3 to 4 days.

Withdrawal symptoms of Xanax:

  1. Physical withdrawal symptoms include:-
    • Sore or stiffness in the muscles
    • Sweating
    • Headache
    • Diarrhea or soft stool
    • Convulsions or seizures
    • Excessive perspiration
    • Heart palpitations
    • Shaking or tremors
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Increased menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness and menstrual cramping in women
  2. Psychological withdrawal symptoms:-
  3. A sudden stoppage in the use of Xanax could also have a few psychological withdrawal symptoms like;

    • Irritability
    • A feeling of anxiety and panic
    • Confusion and depression
    • Insomnia or restless sleep
    • Tension or nervousness
    • Fear or paranoia
    • Withdrawing from friends and family

People can purchase Xanax Pills from an online pharmacy along with a prescription at lower prices.

Dangers of combining Adderall and Xanax

Xanax and Adderall

There can be a certain aftermath of taking Adderall and Xanax together. In general, people are advised not to take both these drugs at the same time. Below we have mentioned two important reasons related to it –

Increased risk of Addiction:

People who take Xanax or Adderall without consulting it with a health expert may not know that both these drugs are controlled substances. In simple terms, it can be stated that the government monitors the use of Adderall and Xanax. When your doctor prescribes you the use of either of the drug, he/she also monitors the way it is affecting the symptoms in your body. Before you purchase Adderall, it is advised to take proper consultation from the doctor and then take it.

In general terms, it can be said that a controlled substance can lead to adverse effects of the drug if mishandled. There have been cases where people were found addicted to the use of Xanax and Adderall. Now, as our question arises – “Is it safe to take Xanax and Adderall together?” Taking two controlled substances together may worsen the case. It may lead to the risk of misuse, addiction, or overdose from either of the drug.


Decreased effectiveness of both drugs:

If you are going to use Adderall and Xanax together, the effect of the drugs may also decrease. It can be said that each of the drugs will not work simultaneously for the condition that they are prescribed for. There can also be seen that a drug may be more effective, and the other one is not affecting the system to any level.

As we know by now, Adderall is a medication that belongs to the stimulant class. It is taken to feel more focused and awaken at times. Furthermore, Adderall may decrease the effect of Xanax or so. It has been observed that when a patient suffers from anxiety, and if he/she takes Adderall, the drug will make you feel more anxious and depressed. Or else, if you suffer from panic disorder, Adderall can also increase the number of panic attacks that you were already dealing with. Adderall also results in having trouble to sleep. Hence, you should take the drug as per the doctor’s advice.

In a similar manner, Xanax, as we know, is a sedative drug. It helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression or excitement levels in patients. Xanax may also cause drowsiness. In turn, these effects of Xanax may reduce the effects of Adderall as a whole. The effect that is occurred after taking Xanax will eventually make you feel sleepy. It would difficult for you to concentrate on a given task or regular activity.

What to do?

There can be a reason behind if someone is taking Adderall and along with that, he/she also needs to take Xanax. The person may be feeling anxious or may have trouble falling asleep. It may be because the person must have been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorder. Therefore, it would be best if you take a recommendation from a doctor about the use of the two drugs.

You may also not know that Adderall can even interact with many other drugs. Telling your doctor about the symptoms that you are facing and giving him the right information about your health will make it easier for him to study your internal system well. As you go to buy Xanax, it is necessary that you take a prescription first from a health professional. When a doctor provides you with medicine, it will include over-the-counter medications for the patient. Hence, going through the details that we have provided, it can be easily said that using Adderall and Xanax together will affect the human system of a patient. You cannot take Xanax to help you fall asleep; the purpose of the drug is to treat anxiety. In the same way, taking Adderall for a purpose not approved will have an adverse effect on your system.

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  1. Lately, I was taking Xanax for my anxiety issues. I have almost overcome from the issue but my doctor has asked me to continue with the drug for a few more days. I was wondering what will happen if I take any other drug along with my current dose. Thanks to this site for answering so accurately. I have understood about the effect the drug can cause on my system.

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