Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Adderall Abuse

The most common symptoms of Adderall addiction that could be seen in patients abusing this drug are:

  • Loss of weight
  • Pain in the chest
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia
  • Fatigue
  • Accelerated talking
  • Dizziness
  • The decline in personal hygiene
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety

Adderall Addiction Treatment

Treating an addiction of Adderall could be considered as a process of re-learning how to live life without using an addictive substance. Adderall is a prescription medication that consists of a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts.

The most important step to recover from this addiction is handling the symptoms of withdrawal and avoid drug relapse. Depression, inability to concentrate and fatigue are the most dangerous side effects that make quitting this drug the most difficult. 

The patients suffering from Adderall addiction should join a rehabilitation center for treatment, which would monitor the addicted person while undergoing detox. They ensure that withdrawal symptoms are managed safely.

People who are heavy users of Adderall these rehab centers have a taper-down strategy for them. This tapering down of the drug helps the patient by gradually eliminating the medicines from the body of the patient, and minimize undesirable withdrawal symptoms. Once the drug leaves the system of the patient, then ongoing therapy and support are needed for maintaining sobriety.

It is essential to understand the root cause of drug addiction for those in recovery. Counseling could be helpful in pinpointing the social, professional, or academic stressors that act as a trigger for using Adderall. Trained therapists help patients overcome these feelings and find healthy ways to avoid using these drugs.

How to get off Adderall Addiction?

The patients who have been suffering from Adderall addiction the best course of action for them is to get medical help. People who are worried about their loved ones who are addicted to this drug, they should get them admitted to the drug rehabilitation center. The rehab centers have professionals who are experienced and help patients from getting over their addiction.

Firstly the rehab center would help the patients in detoxifying the drug from their body. Once this step is complete, the counseling comes into play, which is helpful in understanding the reason for addiction.

Why is Adderall Addiction dangerous?

Adderall addiction is dangerous because the longer this medication is abused, the stronger the mood swings could be when this medication is not available to the patient’s body. It is dangerous because patients habitual to using this medication to develop tolerance to the drug and are unable to do any work without practicing it.

How much of Adderall is too much to take in a day?

As we have already discussed this above, Adderall dosage should be taken as per the condition of the patient, the level of pain he/she is going through, and how fast does the metabolism work. Keeping these things in mind, a doctor recommends a dosage of Adderall to the patients.

There are other factors also that can be kept under consideration while deciding a dose for a patient such as – if the patient has a history of drug abuse then Adderall will be given in a lower dose and for a limited time period.

Hence, the answer to the question is – Taking Adderall without the consultation of a doctor and in high dosage can be too much. It may cause side effects that will be affecting a person’s health and internal organs.

How long does Adderall remain in your blood?

If you are planning to buy Adderall or Adderall online, then you must know that the drug has a half-life or the duration for which it remains in the system of the patient taking it. However, in hospital settings, blood tests are often conducted to detect the traces of the drug in the patient’s blood. If you have taken the drug and undergoing a blood test, then it will be detected very quickly within a few minutes of the intake.

How long does Adderall remain in your urine?

The main ingredient of Adderall is dextroamphetamine, and before you purchase Adderall, you must know that the half-life of the drug is ten hours. This means that after ten hours, half of the dextroamphetamine will be eliminated from the patient’s system.

The remaining portion of the prescribed dose will be broken down in and excreted in about three days. However, when it comes to the presence of the drug in the patient’s urine, it remains there for three days but may not be detectable for three hours after the intake.

Why Adderall addiction is unique and different from other drug addictions?

The addiction of Adderall is unique and different from other drug addictions because the patients dependent on this medicine are unable to cope when not using this medication. These people will go to any extent to get more and more drugs, and using them becomes their main priority. People addicted to this drug often run out of their prescription earlier than prescribed.

This leads to drug withdrawal, which then results in going to any extent to get the substance and abuse it. Drug cravings and obsessive thoughts are some indicators of addictive behavior.